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Respiratory Pathogens Panel in Glendale & Los Angeles County

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Even though travel restrictions are less now than they were at the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, RPP testing is essential for anybody wanting to travel at this time. The Covid-19 virus may be detected with great accuracy using Real-Time RT PCR. An intriguing aspect of this test is that findings can be obtained fast. At the height of a Covid crisis, we need to be able to conduct covid tests rapidly and accurately so that we can respond swiftly. Nobility Health in Glendale, California, conducts all of our testing and lab processing in-house to provide the quickest results possible.

Respiratory Pathogens Panel

What is RPP Testing?

A Respiratory Pathogens Panel (RPP) detects pathogens in the respiratory tract. Pathogens include viruses and bacteria that cause illness. Your respiratory tract consists of parts involved in breathing, such as the lungs, nose, and throat.

Various viruses and bacteria can infect the respiratory tract, with symptoms often being similar but requiring different treatments. Thus, an accurate diagnosis is crucial. Other tests for respiratory infections typically test for one specific pathogen, often requiring multiple samples, and can be time-consuming and difficult.

RPP uses a single sample to test for a wide range of viruses and bacteria, usually providing results in a few hours. In contrast, other respiratory tests may take several days. Faster results help initiate appropriate treatment sooner.

Other names: RPP, respiratory virus profile, upper respiratory panel, syndromic multiplex panel.

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What are the benefits of RT-PCR testing?

The RT-PCR molecular test is the gold standard for diagnosing the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Since molecular tests are so reliable, with a sensitivity and specificity above 95%, they are often used as confirming tests following antigen testing. In addition, RT-PCR has shown a lower percentage of false negative results compared to other testing methods. The RT-PCR is also helpful for checking whether or not COVID-19 is present in a given sample. If this is the case, the sample subject should be treated as infectious.

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When should I get an RT-PCR COVID-19 test?

Test yourself as soon as possible if you are experiencing symptoms. Wait at least five full days after being exposed to COVID-19 before getting tested for the virus, even if you have no signs of infection. If you take the exam too soon, there is a greater possibility that the result may be erroneous. You may be required to take the test as part of a screening program if you are in certain high-risk circumstances. You should consider getting tested before coming in touch with someone with a high risk for severe COVID-19, mainly if you are in a region with a medium or high COVID-19 Community Level.

Testing on the Molecular Level

Your RT-PCR Test Procedure

This COVID test, also known as a molecular test, is used to identify the virus by its DNA through a laboratory method known as reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). A fluid sample is often obtained by having a medical expert put a nasal swab into one of your nostrils and remove fluid from the back of your nose and throat. From there, we process your sample and get you your results back swiftly.

Fast and Accurate

RT-PCR Test Results

Since the test is performed locally at Nobility Health, the results should be ready in 24-48 hours. Conventional tests usually send it to a third-party lab which takes up to three days or even longer in areas with test processing delays. When conducted by our qualified medical experts in Los Angeles County RT-PCR Covid tests have a high degree of accuracy; nevertheless, the quick test may miss certain instances.

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Getting an accurate COVID-19 test can mean the difference between a quick recovery and potentially spreading it to an immunocompromised friend or family member. It is our responsibility to keep ourselves and those around us safe. Nobility Health is your partner in Los Angeles County RT-PCR COVID testing. With our in-house processing lab in Glendale, we can provide accurate results with speed and efficiency. Schedule your test today—walk-ins welcome.

RT-PCR Testing Frequently Asked Questions

How sensitive is the test?

In an analytical sense, the test is very sensitive; if viral RNA is present in the sample, it is very likely to be found. However, due to sample mistakes or disease biology (e.g., virus present in lower but not upper respiratory tract), there have been reported examples of individuals with negative RT-PCR findings who were later found to be RT-PCR positive.

Does my insurance cover it?

We can work with various insurance plans, including Kaiser Permanente. In addition, uninsured individuals can access free RT-PCR, Rapid Antigen, and Rapid Antibody testing.

With your health and time in mind, we want to provide a fast and accurate testing experience to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Nobility Health eliminates the laboratory middleman to provide faster, more efficient results. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, your school, and your business control the transmission of COVID-19