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Drug and Alcohol Testing in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA

Drug and Alcohol Screening at Nobility Health

Whether it's for employment, medical, health, or legal reasons, there may come a time when drug and alcohol toxicology testing becomes necessary for families or residents in our community. Regardless of the circumstances, obtaining precise, accurate, and prompt results is paramount. Furthermore, in sensitive situations or for patients requiring follow-up care, engaging with empathetic and skilled providers is essential to ensure a seamless and professional experience. With the capacity to screen for various substances within a confidential environment and an in-house lab in both Glendale and Los Angeles, Nobility Health in Glendale offers a convenient and straightforward screening process.

Accuracy and Compassion Combined For Excellence

Drug and Alcohol Testing at Nobility Health

Discretion, privacy, and certainty should be part of any drug and alcohol testing; those qualities are our goals at Nobility Health. Our medical team knows that providing detailed and accurate information paired with top-quality patient care makes the screening process streamlined, dependable, and secure.

What can a Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing detect?

Our testing uses the detection of antibodies in urine and sometimes blood to detect alcohol and drug abuse, including opioids, amphetamines, cocaine, and marijuana. In most cases, through superior lab technology, false positives due to prescription medications can be avoided.

The Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing Process

To aid in the comfort of all parties involved, we do our best to make the screening process easy, straightforward, and comfortable. We can take blood, urine, or saliva samples in a privately designated, discrete testing area. Then the samples will be tested and screened at our in-house laboratory.

Am I a Candidate for Drug and Alcohol Testing?

At Nobility Health's locations in Los Angeles and Glendale drug and alcohol testing can be used for a variety of reasons. There are typically no medical issues or situations that would not make someone eligible for screening. The key to accuracy is to inform your doctor or testing provider of any prescription or over-the-counter medications you have taken recently.

Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing Results

Quick results are vital, and we are committed to ensuring that testing occurs quickly and results are provided in a timely manner. The timeframe for results will depend on the test requested and the information needed. After results are received, you may hear from your employer, or if testing is being done before seeking substance abuse treatment, assorted options are available.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

While screenings can be done for employment or legal purposes, some patients receive testing as an important precursor to substance abuse treatment. Treatment for alcohol or drug abuse can look different for each patient, and many options exist.

These could include medication-based treatment, detoxification, in-patient treatment, holistic treatments, counseling, support groups, or residential treatment programs. The key component to remember when it comes to treatment for substance abuse is that the individual patient’s needs, circumstances, and background should be considered. Choosing which treatment type or combination of treatments should be fully customized and tailored to the patient.

Why choose Nobility Health?

The team at Nobility Health understands that accuracy is paramount and patient care is primary. Our medical team believes that reliability and sensitivity to each patient’s particular situation is the key to serving our community. With locations in Glendale and Los Angeles, Nobility Health provides simple and safe drug and alcohol toxicology testing.

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Experience hassle-free testing at our Nobility Health Locations in Glendale and Los Angeles, CA - no appointments needed! You can walk right in and get the testing you need without any prior arrangements. Take control of your sexual health. For detailed information, please give us a call at
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Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing?

Using a biologically based test of a person’s saliva, urine, or blood, the presence of alcohol or different kinds of drugs and their levels can be detected in the body.

What substances can be detected through a Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing?

Most commonly, substance screenings test for alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, opioids, and amphetamines though other substances are detectable depending on the test.

How is a Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing performed?

Usually, the patient provides a sample of the appropriate bodily fluid, and lab tests are run on the sample that can determine the presence, and sometimes the concentration of, a particular substance or multiple substances.

What Drug and Alcohol Toxicology Testing is necessary?

Substance testing may be necessary for employment, medical concerns, or to receive treatment for substance abuse.

Can prescription drugs cause a false positive in a Drug and Alcohol Substance Screening?

Certain medications, including antihistamines, cough suppressants, and antidepressants, have been known to cause false positives; however, with a detailed pre-screening process and advanced lab testing, this is rare.

Can Drug and Alcohol Substance Screening be tampered with or cheated?

While there are ways that testing can be manipulated by the person that is being screened, the advancements in lab technology often detect these substances.

With your health and time in mind, we want to provide a fast and accurate testing experience to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Nobility Health eliminates the laboratory middleman to provide faster, more efficient results. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, your school, and your business control the transmission of COVID-19

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