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Express PCR Test for Travelers in Glendale & Los Angeles County

Don't Miss A Flight

Express PCR Testing in Glendale, CA | Nobility Health

As COVID-19 numbers ebb and flow and travel restrictions constantly change, Nobility Health in Glendale, CA, wants to ensure that you never miss a flight because of lingering test results. We offer express PCR tests for travelers to provide the quickest and most accurate results to keep you on the go. Call us to schedule your express PCR test today.

Travel Safe

What is an express PCR test?

You'll never miss a flight because of changing COVID-19 testing rules. Accula Rapid PCR is a reliable test that is recognized by all airlines. Our in-house lab testing allows these to be processed with urgency, having a turnaround time of two to three hours. All you need is your ID and the cost of the express test, and we will have you on your way.

Fast and Accurate

What are the benefits of an express PCR test?

Especially when it comes to international flights, testing is becoming a more common requirement to ensure the safety of those on the flight and those you will interact with in a new environment. An express PCR test is widely accepted at all airlines, which will keep you airborne and let you go about your business with confidence that you aren't spreading a virus or having your trip ruined by quarantine.

Minimize the Spread

Am I a good candidate for an express PCR test?

When traveling, you expose yourself to more people than you usually encounter. This increases your chance of catching and spreading COVID-19. The CDC recommends all travelers get tested as close to their flights as possible (no more than three days prior). Depending on where you are traveling and your vaccination status, you may want to consider getting tested upon your return to keep your family, coworkers, and friends safe.

Just 30 minutes

Your Express PCR Test Procedure

A sample is taken from the front of the nose or the middle of the nose's turbinates for the Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test. The test lets the person get a nasal swab sample and elute it independently. This makes it less likely that the virus will spread from the person to the person doing the test. In about 30 minutes, the easy-to-read lateral flow readout on the front of the cassette shows the results. Any shade of blue at the T (test) spot is seen as a good result. If there is no blue at the T position, then any shade of blue at the C (positive control) position is seen as a negative result. Last, any shade of blue at the NC (negative control) position or no blue anywhere is an inconclusive or invalid result that should be repeated.

Airline Accepted

Express PCR Test Results

Because the test can be given, run, and interpreted all in one place, it only takes about 30 minutes to get the results, often while the person is waiting.This is very different from a standard lab-based qPCR, which needs specialized tools and materials, highly trained staff, and the transport of samples to a central lab. Normal PCR samples are run all at once on a high-throughput instrument, and the time it takes to get results can range from a few hours to a few days. This makes the Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test a valuable tool for screening COVID-19 patients who have symptoms or need quick results for travel or entertainment purposes.

Personally Responsible

Schedule your Glendale express PCR test for travelers consultation with Nobility Health today

Express PCR testing for travelers is the best option to keep you on the go and others around you safe from a potentially deadly virus. With Nobility Health, we can help you maintain the personal responsibility to prevent any further spread of COVID-19 with quick and accurate test results. Call us to check for availability in Glendale and Los Angeles County.

Express PCR Test Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Our express PCR test costs $150 with a 10 percent discount if two or more people in your traveling party get tested together.

Does my insurance cover it?

We can examine your insurance policy to help determine if your express PCR test is covered. Generally, they are not included because insurance companies already cover standard PCR and rapid antigen tests.

With your health and time in mind, we want to provide a fast and accurate testing experience to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Nobility Health eliminates the laboratory middleman to provide faster, more efficient results. Contact us today to learn how we can help you, your school, and your business control the transmission of COVID-19

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